Vision Statement


We cultivate our young scientists with three philosophical principles.  At first, we educate them to acquire best practice of science.  Keeping the research lab note with essays and communicating effectively are taught as professional scientists.   They learn the critical thinking methodologies for finding issues and problems.   Without finding the points of improvement, scientists cannot start any scientific steps toward the ingenuine creation of new innovations.  They are not going to be afraid of brainstorming any crazy ideas.  They usually enjoy making something creative, while breaking something old.  The principle of innovation lies in the theory of STEM sciences.

Secondly, we teach them how to lead a scientific project that should be found by their own studies, or by their conversations with science mentors.   In many Asian countries, most students learn by textbooks, and by rote, without thinking critically, and without making with hands.   This program stimulates students to create something, and bring it to the final for Science Fairs, or for publication in any professional peer-reviewed journals.    Most of these activities have not traditionally been accomplished by high school students.     However, we teach them real science to make it happen and be rewarding!

Thirdly, we will teach them how to maximize their fruits of scientific accomplishments for their college application, or for their job applications.    Experiences have convinced us for the importance of thorough preparation of application with the activities done in STEM Science Center.   We will teach them how to prepare the resume, and how to write essays and lead them toward the possible maximal capacity for the future career.

Every student needs some motivation, indeed.  Motivation implies that they should clearly understand the reasons for doing science, which is very important to complete their objectives of pursuing conclusions of any scientific activity.   We encourage them to be diligent and be challenging up to the last minute, saying every great scientist donate their last drops of sweat for the good purpose of improving the world to live in.