Skype Program


Skype Program is not for replacing any experimental experiences.  Experiment experiences are very important, which should not be replaced for any form of teaching or counseling.   However, there are many things for students to get help using Skype session if it is not the real experiment.  For example, some students struggle for a while to make some progress in setting up a school research project, when there is no specific guideline from the teacher.  So, the student just spends that long time full of the nervous period.  If the students could get guidance from our science mentors, they can do their projects with the far easier mind for a better result.     For another example, some students participate in their science fairs without much training from their schools or home even without much practice.   Once any student register to our program, we will have one-to-one training sessions for the student to reap more fruits from their sweat with hard work of research.