Science Internship


Why is it so important for a student, or job seekers to do an internship before applying for a dream school or a position?  In fact, students need to experience the hands-on experience that make them confident and capable for almost any major or any job.

During the school year, students always feel overwhelmed with coursework, sports, or co-curricular activities that may keep them extremely busy while leaving no time to think of doing an internship.  Many students may also feel that they are caught in a quagmire since they would like to make money for their expenses but they can only find unpaid internships in their field.


Internship itself can be more important than a position of being not related to their own interest.  Anyway, internships are well-recognized as a pathway to gain relevant knowledge, skills, and experience while establishing important connections in the field of their own future career.   Internships are a method to get your feet soaked and find out if the field of interest is something you could get it doing full-time. Internships may be completed during fall or spring semester or full time over the course of the summer. Unpaid internships may be easier to get but may also pose problems if making money is necessary, especially during the summer. The problem is there are many who cannot afford to work for no pay, so they are forced into doing menial jobs such as wait staff or bartending to work their way through college.

Our Internship

Many students do their internship for strengthening their resume for filling the listing space in the form with more extracurricular activities.  In our laboratory, we hire interns for doing some research with us, and even publish together with science mentors.  However, the internship here many assume more responsibility to complete any project once started.   The students for internship should work hard even as a non-paid position.  However, when their contributions bear fruits, they will be shared fairly.  Even so, the opportunity of internship with us is not guaranteed all the time.

Searching an Internship Position with Us!

Students may elect to do a summer internship a couple of days per week while working a part-time job for the remainder of the time. For those who need to maximize the amount of money they make over the course of the summer, they may look into doing an internship during the academic year when they are less likely to expect to make money to help defray their college expenses. In addition to internships, volunteer opportunities can also be an excellent way to gain experience and exposure to the workforce.

Students should come very early for finding a good internship.  Our STEM Science Center will try to find together with the students. Just call and make an appointment with us!