School Science Subjects


What are the differences among another teaching institutes, particularly for regular science subjects?   We teach our students with science books followed by important HANDS-ON experiments from regular level students to SAT II and even to AP Courses.

  1. Biology, SAT II Biology, and AP Biology with Hands-on Experiments:   When we teach microbiology, they will observe bacteria and protista under the microscopes, while students learn surgical skills when they learn about animal anatomy.
  2. Chemistry, SAT II Chemistry and AP Chemistry with Hands-on Experiment:   Students will measure pH and learn titration with instruments.  They will witness the change of color according to the pH.   They will react some polymers and feel the warmth of the exothermal chemical reaction.  They will spit on the glass and see the activity of enzymes with testing chemicals.
  3. Physics, SAT II Physics, and AP Physics: When they learn on Newton’s laws, they will learn the principles of billiards and playing golf for winning games.

We strive to give thinking caps to students who should learn the basic sciences and with tools and with methods.  When they