Research-focused Programs


From high school to graduate students and medical school candidates, this program has been established for research purposes that can be carried out by most scientific students.   A research starts from searching and pinpointing scientific or social issues that should be solved by the students, and by the researchers, scientifically.

The categories of research cover comprehensively from microbiology, environmental sciences to computer sciences. Detailed can be found from other menus of this website.  Further, students proceed their projects by setting up an experiment, acquiring data, completing data analysis and writing.   Those important activities are not all.  In addition, the students will learn how to create posters, and how to write up for journal publication.   Doing all these activities step by step are research-focused programs.    We would like to educate our students to behave like professional scientific investigators so that they can be familiar with confidence in any working environment for all research laboratories.

Typically, it takes 6 ~ 12 months to complete one cycle of a research project.   Students come here 3 hours a week, at any prescheduled time with our science mentors. However, the duration of research should be varied by many factors such as student’s needs, research levels, and resources.  This program is basically individualized custom-made so that there will be no size for fitting to every student.    Students and parents are encouraged to visit for a consultation and registration.