Partnering Institutes


We would like to thank the following teaching Institutes:

The Institutes listed below have helped us grow continuously by exchanging resources and information with endless trust and support.  Vice versa, we would like to recommend them for your needs at any time for educational purposes.

Align Bioscience Lab

Align Bioscience Laboratory is currently located in Basic Science Vosburgh Building at New York Medical Center. We have an animal protocol for the pharmaceutical research of developing oral formulations of protein and peptide drugs. In addition, this laboratory has many patents for oral formulations such as oral insulin.
Dr. Nai Fang Wang, Ph.D.

Education Science Partner in Seoul, Korea

This science academy is located in Seoul.   James Park provides consulting services for the entrance of the American medical schools, pharmacy colleges, and Ivy League Universities.

48-1 Paran Building 2nd Floor, Dogok Dong Kangnam Gu, Seoul  (010)455-4249!

Promoting Director Hwaja Lee  Tel: (010)3259-1270
Email Address:

Prime Education

Prime Education has a long history of 30 years in the education business for the second generations living in New York and New Jersey Metropolitan Areas.   The director of Prime Education Consulting has given us all the trust and faith in raising children for improved positions all the time.    They have a Summer Camp program to Cambodia, NGO community constructing mission camp for school teaching and setting water treatment systems.  Executive Director Victor Lee is the member of HECA (Higher Education Consultant Association).
Telephone: (201)694-2990

Higher Education Consultant Association (HECA)

HECA is the association for education consultants all across the United States, as well as internationally renown association.   The Association exchanges and supports among members for better educations.

BBS (Best Bayside Scholars) Academy for Med School Focused Programs

BBS is located in Bayside, New York, where is the place of education because many after-school tutoring academies are aligned along the Bell Bullivard.  From grade Kindergarten to 12, BBS touches the heart of the students and motivate them to grow them intellectually, while their school grades mostly creep up in a short term.   Teachers are experienced, while staff gives them family-like caring.

Executive Director: Miss Kyung Tel: (718)359-6790

MEK Review 

Being located in Palisades Park, New Jersey, MEK Revies is one of the best teaching institutes that you can have trust and faith in their teachers and programs.    They have recorded high acceptance rates to special high schools and Ivy Leagues.   Executive Director: Miss Ahn (855)346-1410