Our Story


The STEM Science Center has been established in 1995 as the name of Intel Science Center.  We were located first at Maspeth, New York, and moved to Flushing for an expansion of hands-on science institute.   So, we mostly taught the young scientists with the concepts of STEM sciences for the last 20 years as a frontier of the new science education paradigm.

One of the reasons that the Intel Science Center taught so diverse topics in a single location was that the founder Dr. Lee, Jongbin has been trained with his academic majors in Chemical Engineering, MS, and in Biomedical Engineering, MS & Ph.D., both of which were the representative studies for multidisciplinary fields.

Though being a private science mentor, Dr. Lee continued his career as a pharmaceutical scientist for Emisphere Technolgoes, Inc., after his post-doctoral fellowship at Neurosurgical and Nuclear Research Laboratories at the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  He spent his life longer than 20 years for his research career in health-related areas.

Dr. Lee officially established the STEM Science Center in 2007 at the current location of 111 Charlotte Place, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.    He has worked as Adult Sponsors, Science Fair Judge, and Private Science Mentor.   More than 90% of all students have received some type of awards from Science Fair all across the United States, in Korea and Singapore.    He just said, “No place teach sciences and prepare the science fairs like us”.

He has had many speeches from many seminars



Dr. Lee presented his programs in 2007 for the sponsorship of Choong Ang Daily News Paper.  And, many other events of science promotions have been held during his stay at STEM Science Center!