Electronic Sciences


Electronics is a science for learning the applications of flowing electrons through the conductors and parts.  The science is very accessible now since mass productions pull their price dramatically down. With other areas of scientific study, expensive equipment is generally now available to perform any experiment and practical experiments with some investment. Not so with electronics?  Many advanced concepts may be explored using parts and equipment totaling under a few hundred US dollars.  This is extremely useful because hands-on experimentation is vital to gaining scientific knowledge about any subject.   STEM Science Center collected plenty of resistors, capacitors, potentiometers with soldering irons.  We encourage students to work with smart brain and fine hands.

It has been not easy to understand the necessity of learning calculus and differentials. However, just with a simple plunge into the electronic sciences with some parts with hands-on practice, students know the fun of learning in heart.  Students apply the theory and principles and now… create new systems and projects that can be competed for science fair and for publication.