Boarding School  Students


Using our flexible program almost any student can start their project here with us.   Our program starts at any time of the year according to our individualized flexibility.  There will be approximately two months of Skype sessions before coming here for the actual experiment.  During the Skype session, the students will confide with our science mentors for all their interests for brainstorming sessions and share the possibility of their ideas for projects to be feasible, or not.   Once any project for the student is chosenby a mutual understaning between the student and mentor, the student will have some homework of getting published papers to be read and notes of instrumentation to be understood.  For an actual experiment, our excellent menors will prepare all the instruments and materials even before the students arrives at the airport.     Our proven system is so effective to teach the students who stay far away from this laboratory, which is the beauty of virtual cyber laboratory.

After the experiment, the students return to their school and post-experimental Skype will resume when the date of science competition approaches, or when the deadline of journal publication is near.  So, students learn from the start of building their own projects to wrapping up with science fair and journal publication.