What is STEM?

The word STEM is an acronym of (S)cience, (T)echnology, (E)ngineering, (M)athematics, which is a new science education paradigm and seems to keep updating for adjusting itself to fit the reality.   It has been now more expanding into the arts, entrepreneurship and global leadership.    Every field of sciences are now diversifying and more complicated societies are forming so that a harmonized approach for combining the diverse sciences make the STEM science created.

The STEM education will lead the trends of fourth industrial revolution with innovation and inspiration. It will make the students out of a black box and help them see the horizon of possibility that has been blocked by traditional ideology.

In addition, the diversity of technology and knowledge urges common citizen not to be ignorant of the new things of the world. STEM sciences make students learn their scientific knowledge with hands-on experiences from the mixture of their textual knowledge.

In STEM sciences, the students find their own topics by reviewing social issues, and problems around their environment.  And, they figure out any scientific methods to solve or improve the problems.

Our STEM Science Center teaches students:

  • We strive to teach harmoniously with the diverse areas of STEM sciences.   Each field will be fused into one science topic, while each science topic will be divided into separate elements.
  • We invest the teaching materials that came from the ideology of fusion paradigm.
  • We teach the professional aspects of science.
  • We make lists of activities while staying here with us.
  • We consult with students for a long-term advancement in the professional career.
  • We give opportunities for the internship with us for important issues.

We are different from other science centers, because we train students to be an independent investigator, so that they will lead their research laboratory in the future, with the background and experience they learn from STEM Science Center.


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